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Drink Organic Soda Instead!



There are so many little, all natural soda brands out there. One of our very favorites is Galvanina Organic Soda imported from Italy. Finally ingredients you can read and understand. These sodas even come in delicious flavors like lemon, cranberry-pomegranate & blood orange (my personal favz) Yea, they have sugar, but it’s better than all that genetically modified corn syrup in practically every other drink out there. The big box stores need to sell, so they need to buy cheap and turn product. The Village Stand is a little shop, we focus on the good stuff. This is our community project and out heart’s content: to bring good stuff.  We don’t care about making money as much as we care about having a better, wholesome, unadulterated experience. Allow yourself to experience better everything! You’ll feel better by making better choices little by little.  And in this case yummy and fizzy win the race! 

Available at The Village Stand ? 216 NE 98 Street, Miami Shores, FL 33138 (305)458-1229